Tree stump removal and stump grinding specialists.

If you have to remove tree stumps on your property that have been hit by disease or damaged by a storm or if your trees are simply old and dying, having stumps ground out is the answer. Digging it out can take an entire day and leave an extremely large hole. It can be a difficult decision to have the stumps removed. Even more difficult is to work around, the left over stumps.

Why go through the expense of having trees removed from your property only to leave unsightly stumps in their place? Remove those tree stumps by grinding down below the surface of the topsoil. This allows for repair and replanting of the area.

Tree stumps are:

A safety hazard for children and others
Difficult to mow around
Unsightly and reduce property values
An attraction for bees, termintes, and other insects
Known to spread diseases to healthy trees

Our specialists, using the proper equipment grind down 6-10 inches below the surface and remove those unwanted tree stumps efficiently and cleanly. Stump grinding also eliminates the disturbance of the surrounding lawn area.

Once the tree has been taken down, we grind the leftover stump into mulch and fresh wood chips material will tend to raise the acid content of the soil.

Shown below is only one kind of tree stump remover. There are also removers that are small enough to get through gates into yards and gardens. Your stump removal specialist can help you.